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Cell groups and Bible Studies

Are you one of many leaders who desire to bring the whole Church into a stronger foundation of the gospel and new covenant truths? You see people struggle, and you know they would benefit greatly of understanding Christ's Finished Work. They need God's grace available on a daily basis.

When Sunday services are not enough time to bring the line-upon-line teachings, and people do not have availability to join bible schools, then cell groups may fill this gap.

What about having all the cell groups in your Church go through this program, and then you might bring up some of the points during Sunday services? Book with study guide and videos are ready for your use.

Bible schools or Midweek programs

The first part of building a house is laying a solid foundation. Here is a great opportunity to establish the foundational truths of righteousness, God's unconditional love, Christ in us,  grace versus law, New Covenant Ministry versus Ministry of condemnation, and how to interpret the Bible in the light of the finished work of Christ.

A great idea is to have the Bible school teachers go through the program in advance, before bringing it to the students. Strengthening and resourcing the Bible teachers are a great investment that will bear much fruit.

We have text book and study guide available for your, along with videos and bible school curriculum.

Pastor and leader development

Is raising new and strengthening existing leaders a part of your responsibility? There is great value in pastors and leadership teams coming together to study, pray and discuss the Word of God.

We pray that the recorded pastor seminars could be a valuable contribution to your study and discussion, in addition to the book and study guide.

Feel free to contact us if you decide to run this program and would like to use the opportunity to forward questions coming up in the discussions. The journey of discovering more of the New Covenant Ministry is both important and transforming, and questions are a natural part of learning and getting assurance.

Your co-worker and partner in Christ

Our dream is to help you be more effective in reaching the world with the good news of God's Grace and love! That is why we have made these teaching resources for your use. Let’s help people out of the mindset of self-righteousness and into the rest of the Christ's finished work.

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Seminar recordings available online

New Covenant Ministry Pastor Seminars taught by Rev. Mary Felde.
Recordings are in English with translation.

Perfect for Bible school staff and students, pastor fellowships, leadership teams or bible study groups.

For enhanced learning and deeper understanding, study the book together too.

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See what other Pastors and leaders have said about the teachings.

"Am writing this at 2:20, after reading your book 'Living the Better Covenant'. I have been a preacher for more than one and a half decade. But to say that my life and ministry has henceforth been changed by the book will be an understatement! Just how can I grow and be strongly founded on these truths? I want to preach the good news an the good news only." (Kenya)

"I got your book 'Living the Better Covenant', written in Amharic. I found your book very timely and an answer for my 30 years struggle in mixed Gospel life. ... I am highly convinced that unless we live in the new covenant and preach Christ's finished work, there is not other way to save people caught in religion." (Ethiopia)

"I am a young minister of the gospel, currently serving as an associate pastor in one of our Churches. I had kept this book 'Living the Better Covenant' for long, but when I eventually read through it, I have been greatly transformed and inspired. It is now two weeks that I have ministered in our Church after I had read this book. The members and my senior pastor has come to me asking me to let them know how I had received these revelations on grace. I have loved this book so much that I carry it everywhere I go and would want to read it again and again." (Pastor, Kenya)

"Your book titled 'Living the Better Covenant' surprisingly empowered my spiritual life in Christ. It avoided enormous confusions which have been affecting my spiritual growth. I loved the teaching so much I avoided any other task until I finished the book." (Ethiopia)

"I attended your seminar seminar in Kigali over a year ago and bought your book 'Living the Better Covenant'. I have read the book several times. I can't stop reading it as it has transformed my life and my perspective of the gospel and ministry. Being a son of a Pastor, I received the Lord Jesus in my life at a younger age, and grew in a very legalistic Church and atmosphere so that at some point I questioned God's love. Your book has helped me change my attitude towards God and ministry." (Pastor, Rwanda)


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