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Pastor and leader seminars on New Covenant Ministry and the Finished work of Christ, taught by Rev. Mary Felde, in English, with translation to various languages.

Perfect for Churches, Church leadership, Pastor fellowships, Bible school staff, Bible schools, bible study groups and individual study.

The teachings are from the book Living the Better Covenant, by Rev. Mary Felde

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Book: Living the Better Covenant

Discover how to cease living in a mix of the Old and the New Covenant and place your life and ministry in the New Covenant alone. This brings security, confidence, assurance and great joy.

You will learn:
- The importance of understanding righteousness
- How transformation happens
- What grace is and is not
- That Jesus is enough
- How to interpret scripture
- The reality of Jesus throughout the Bible

Available in several languages and countries.

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Testimonies from the teaching

"In this book you will discover that Mary Felde has a way of revealing the truths of the New Covenant that brings clear understanding. Like the apostle Paul, she stays focused on bringing these truths out so that they can be applied to our lives effortlessly. I have had the opportunity to teach in pastors seminars with Mary in several nations as she brought these same realities and have witnessed the “ah ha!” moment as those attending became enlightened."

Mike Walker, USA
Author and Bible Teacher

"This is a liberating book. As I travel with the Gospel in Norway and around the world I know very well that the pure Gospel needs to be heard and read again and again. The cry of my heart is that all preachers and leaders will partake in this liberating Gospel—the Gospel that freed me from myself and my self-effort. As I give this book to people who have received a portion of this teaching, it enables me to continually move on to reach new people. This book works as a missionary in a persons life, independently of me. This book tells what I might have used several days to tell and which I would love to share with every Christian leader."

Lars Kraggerud

"The teachings on the Finished Work of Christ has transformed my life over the years, and I am so glad the teachings are available in the book and on video. Mary Felde has a unique way of presenting what she says in both a simple and a profound way. The teachings from the Word are very important and recommended. We used the book and study guide for our teaching program in the Church, and I used the video course to be prepared for the lessons. "

Sofia Bruno
Pastor, Norway



Great resources available for yourself, your Churches, Bible schools, Leadership teams and Mission work.


Discover how to cease mixing the gospel and self-righteousness
and experience the reality of Jesus' finished work and the better covenant

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The Gospel transforms both lives, families and ministries. Solid Jesus-focused teaching on His Finished Work.


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Ready-made teaching material, study guides, seminar videos, bible school materials and answer to questions.


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Reach the world in their own language. Multi-lingual Bible teaching material and resource packages ready for use by your own ministry.


Your co-worker and partner in Christ

Our dream is to help you be more effective in reaching the world with the good news of God's Grace and love! That is why we have made these teaching resources for your use. Let's help people understand what it means to live and to minister in the new and better covenant. And let’s help people out of self-righteousness and into the rest of the finished work of Jesus Christ. 


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