Reaching people of the nations

Teaching resources for your international ministry

God loves all people of all nations! If we could help you reach out to the people God loves, we would be very blessed. We believe in strengthening and encouraging each other in the ministry God has called each one of us to do.

Mary Felde has been involved with international teaching ministry for the last 22 years. Her passion is to strengthen others who are already running with the Good News. And the material is made available in many languages, and more languages are on its way. All nations shall hear the Gospel!

Take a look at the resources available and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding them.

Module 1: "Living the Better Covenant"

An understanding of God's free gift of full acceptance and forgiveness transforms us from being self-focused to being Christ-centered. Other teachings will be made available after this foundational course has been completed.

Available languages for the book

Ready and printed: English, French, Amharic, Oromo, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Nepali, Urdu, Norwegian.

Translation to nine other languages are ongoing and others are in the pipe-line.

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Languages for recorded pastor seminars

All pastor seminars are taught in English and translated to one other language.

At present the following languages are available: French (Congo), Swahili (Congo), Kinyarwanda, Myanmar, Nepali, Amharic and Oromo.

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Radio or other audio broadcasting

The Good News needs to reach the people in every corner of the land.

Audio book chapters and seminar lessons are available for broadcasting.

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Experiences on the journey

If you would like to know more about our experiences in presenting the teachings, we are available to share.

Answers to some common questions from the new covenant seminars are available too.

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Your co-worker and partner in Christ

Our dream is to help you be more effective in reaching the world with the good news of God's Grace and love! That is why we have made these teaching resources for your use. Let’s help people out of the mindset of self-righteousness and into the rest of the Christ's finished work.

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See what other Pastors and leaders have said about the teachings.

"Am writing this at 2:20, after reading your book 'Living the Better Covenant'. I have been a preacher for more than one and a half decade. But to say that my life and ministry has henceforth been changed by the book will be an understatement! Just how can I grow and be strongly founded on these truths? I want to preach the good news and the good news only." (Kenya)

"I got your book 'Living the Better Covenant', written in Amharic. I found your book very timely and an answer for my 30 years struggle in mixed Gospel life. ... I am highly convinced that unless we live in the new covenant and preach Christ's finished work, there is not other way to save people caught in religion." (Ethiopia)

"I attended your seminar in Kigali over a year ago and bought your book 'Living the Better Covenant'. I have read the book several times. I can't stop reading it as it has transformed my life and my perspective of the gospel and ministry. Being a son of a Pastor, I received the Lord Jesus in my life at a younger age, and grew in a very legalistic Church and atmosphere so that at some point I questioned God's love. Your book has helped me change my attitude towards God and ministry." (Pastor, Rwanda)


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